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Flushing radiator and replacing thermostat on zx2 escort need tips?

I bought a new thermostat and seal and i want to flush my radiator and change my fluid i was wondering what all do i need to buy like what type of fluids and how much thanksFlushing radiator and replacing thermostat on zx2 escort need tips?Someone probably told you that you need a new thermostat because you weren't getting heat to come out of the heater. Common misconception.

First thing you should do is open the radiator cap when cold. Fill the radiator to the top with 50/50 antifreeze. Leave the cap off and start the car. Wait while the car warms up, adding antifreeze until the coolant starts to flow past the radiator opening. When it starts to flow, then you know your thermoatat is in good working condition because in a car, the thermostat is just suppose to delay the cooling of the engine until the car warms up, then it opens and stays open until the engine cools..

Put the cap back on and you should be good to go. But you should check the coolant level, at the radiator, when cold to ensure you don't have a leak.Flushing radiator and replacing thermostat on zx2 escort need tips?you only need water to flush the radiator but ensure you fill it with the corrct anti-freeze mix otherwise the waeter will corride the engine block and you'll end up needing a new engine. the auto shop will be able to help or simply look at the info on the containers.

If you still have the owner's manual the details will be there.

if in doubt phone a Ford dealer.Flushing radiator and replacing thermostat on zx2 escort need tips?$ or 5 gallons of fluid 50 50 type There is a petcock on the bottom,of the raqdiator.Flushing radiator and replacing thermostat on zx2 escort need tips?if you are going to flush the radiator then back flush it by putting the hose in the bottom and let the dirt come out the top. why not just go to auto zone and get a ( flush and fill ) kit.

How much should labor cost to replace thermostat, hose and get tune up on 98 Chevy?

We are buying the parts.I just want to know what the labor costs should be for this.I live near Little Rock, Arkansas.How much should labor cost to replace thermostat, hose and get tune up on 98 Chevy?depends on if the spark plugs for the tune up are hard to get to. my guess around $225 for a complete tune up with the thermostat.How much should labor cost to replace thermostat, hose and get tune up on 98 Chevy?if i were you id replace it all my self the plugs are pretty easy to get too just take off you air filter housing makes the passenger side easier to get too drivers sides pretty open too except for the last plug. the cap is easy to do its all labeled for which wire is which the thermost is a lil harder but youll save a few hundred dollars easy and will only take about 1hr 30 minsHow much should labor cost to replace thermostat, hose and get tune up on 98 Chevy?Are you talking US or CAN dollars? US...$125 to $150. Can $ 75 to $125. Better move to CAN EH?How much should labor cost to replace thermostat, hose and get tune up on 98 Chevy?Fort Smith Arkansas, labor rate is about $55 per hour. Check with the dealer to be sure, they should be able to quote you a price from the flat-rate manual. Be aware, some places do not allow you to bring your parts. Make sure they know you will supply your own.

How to replace the water pump and thermostat on 1987 corolla?

I'd really rather not take it to a shop and pay the extra $300 or whatever for labor. Is it easy enough to do yourself? How do you do it? My Corolla is a 1987 FWD Sedan. I think it's the single overhead cam not the dual but it shouldn't make that big of a difference in terms of difficulty. Just a note, I have worked on cars before - and more then once on this car, just haven't done a water pump before. Anyone know?How to replace the water pump and thermostat on 1987 corolla?You really ought to ante up for a Chilton's or Haynes repair manual. Its only $20. Even if it doesn't have all the answers, its usually enough to get you on the right track, or tell you if its a repair you want to tackle yourself.How to replace the water pump and thermostat on 1987 corolla?remove the radiator, the fan, the fan clutch,. than you should be at the thermostat housing or water pump. remove that housing. the thermostat should be in there. make sure when you put it back together that you use a gasket and or some kind of gasket sealer or it will leak.
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  • Central Heating Room Thermostat?

    I have a Worcester Combi boiler, with theremostatic valves on each radiator throughout the house. However, there is no central thermostat control, thus to make a change means having to go around and alter each radiator individually. I am told that it would now be difficult to wire one from present boiler position to the hallway, and that a remote version would be a better option. Does anyone know anything about these, how effective they are etc? Can anyone recommend one? Thank you in advance.Central Heating Room Thermostat?A simple job to install a wireless thermostat, but MUCH better to use a wireless programmable thermostat, with optimising. This will calculate the building heat loss and adjust on/off times for max economy throughout each day. Look at Honeywell CM900 wireless or Danfoss RT52 RF


    Despite popular belief, it IS much better to use a room stat even if you have thermostatic radiator valves, as you can then set a low limit for the system, as you have found out.Central Heating Room Thermostat?remotes work but you have to make sure of the range on it sometimes the difficult wiring would be a better option depending on distance and material

    honeywell makes a good remote thremostat

    you should be able to HAVE them hooked up central; it would be similar to a zone control systemCentral Heating Room Thermostat?it is actually ideal to be able to control each room instead of heating the whole house when you dont use the whole house at the same time. I am told there is no way to hook them up. to a central switch.Central Heating Room Thermostat?Worcester make their own wireless programmable room t/stats,theirs would be the easiest to install.Very effective.Central Heating Room Thermostat?Worcester do a mechanical wireless programmable roomsat, you can control temperature, on/off times of heating and even set the temperature depending what time it is. all of the ones which i have seen have worked from anywhere in the house. HOWEVER bear in mind if you pt one in a room with a radiator in the trv must be removed to comply with part L. Best place is on the upstairs landing...alot of people dont have radiators there. Very effective, thet use standard aa batteries

    Problems with house thermostat?

    I am trying to get the heat to come on and can't seem to be able to do it. I believe I have a digital thermostat. There are two switches (on/auto and heat/off/cool plus the switch to make the temperature higher or lower). When I put it on heat or On, cool air blows out. It is set at 59 degrees. I cannot move the temperature up higher. I've tried new batteries, doesn't seem to help. How can I fix this and what is the problem?Problems with house thermostat?You need to get the thermostat into %26quot;Program%26quot; mode. You usually do this either by setting a switch to %26quot;Prog%26quot; or %26quot;Program%26quot;(Sometimes you need to open the front of the thermostat) or pressing and holding a button labled %26quot;Prog%26quot; or %26quot;Program%26quot;. If you do not have a program button or switch then program mode is usually activated by pressing and holding down one of the other buttons, usually the one labled %26quot;Day%26quot;

    BertProblems with house thermostat?have you reset your breaker on the outside of your home

    it should be labeled A?C or Heat unit.............

    it worked for me

    It may have overloaded or, it truly is broke and you need a service callProblems with house thermostat?It sounds like the thermostat is bad. For a step by step troubleshooting guide try the furnace page at my source.Problems with house thermostat?First, if you have the booklet, it will tell you what to do.

    Second, is it gas? Your pilot light needs to be turned on. In some cities the gas company will do this for you.

    How do you know if your thermostat is working properly?

    My AC unit is blowing cool air, but my room temperature is not getting cooler... The blower seems to be working fine, however there is some condensation on the cooper line inside the house.How do you know if your thermostat is working properly?Your thermostat seems to be working just fine, as does the fan or blower. Your condenser probably needs some work. A shot of coolant would be the cheapest...good luck!How do you know if your thermostat is working properly?If you have condesation then this is a sign that the temperature of the pipe is dramatically colder than the warm air around it. The solution is you need to put insulation around it, and often insulation gets warn that it too requires replacement to be effective.

    Condesation is the result of %26quot; Relative Difference In Temperature.%26quot; So it could very well be the other way around too. Your temperature inside the pipe could be warmer than the air around it - indication of low Freon. The cool air you feel could be warm air in motion and that is why it appears to be cool - when in fact it is warm.

    In any case, the insulation will resolve the condesation issue on the copper pipe - not the performance of your AC.How do you know if your thermostat is working properly?You may need your coils cleaned or you may need freon.Cal a technician to check it out. Look in yuor phone book back in the blue section. You will find coupons there to save you some money and the cost of maintenence.How do you know if your thermostat is working properly?it may be low on free-on. but to answer your question there is a tool at home depot you can buy to check the temperature and adjust your thermostat. Don't know how expensive it is.How do you know if your thermostat is working properly?Your thermostat is working properly if it cycles the machine off and on around 1-2 degrees of the set point.

    As stated earlier, measure the temperature at the thermostat with another thermometer, if the set point and the thermometer match to within approx 2 degrees your thermostat is working fine. If not then further investigation is necessary.

    It could be that the machine cannot handle the heat load and the thermostat never gets a chance to cycle the machine off, keep this in mind before condemning the t/stat.

    After all I've said so far it is probably likely that the A/C unit is struggling with the heat load but the only way to find out is to call a reputable and experience/qualified technician and get them to check it out. At least then you will know one way or another.How do you know if your thermostat is working properly?We go through this sometime. Put a thermometer on top of the thermostat and compare the temp to the thermostat temp.

    If you put the thermometer on the duct, the temp will be considerably lower than the thermostat, if not, time for a service call.

    How high should I set my thermostat at home while I'm gone during the day to conserve energy?

    I live in Northern Florida.How high should I set my thermostat at home while I'm gone during the day to conserve energy?80 degrees is fine...close all drapes and areas where sun shines upon...also you can set at 82 degrees %26amp; run ceiling fans on low/medHow high should I set my thermostat at home while I'm gone during the day to conserve energy?78 degrees.
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