Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Honeywell Thermostat with a Goodman Air Conditioner / Heat Pump How Do I Hook it Up????

I have a Honeywell Pro 4000 (TH4210D) thermostat with terminals labeled... E (emergency heat relay), Aux (auxiliary heat relay), Y (compressor contactor), G (fan relay), O (cool changeover valve), L (relay)*, R (L1 hot), B (heat changeover valve) and C (L2 common).

*The L (relay) terminal is powered continuously when thermostat is set to Em Heat.

The Honeywell guide also states to use either O or B terminals for changeover valve and install field jumper between E and Aux if there is no emergency heat relay.

The Goodman 3 ton package unit with heat pump and 15kw heat strip has wires colored... Red (24v), Green (fan), Orange (Rev. valve), White (Heat 2nd), Brown (Heat 3rd), Yellow (cool), Blue (common).

So, the main question is how do I make these connections up and what is the difference between the Auxiliary Heat Relay and the Emergency Heat Relay?

Any and everyones help is greatly appreciated.Honeywell Thermostat with a Goodman Air Conditioner / Heat Pump How Do I Hook it Up????brown from unit to e...white from unit to aux...red from unit to r....green to g....yellow to y...blue to c.....do not put anything on L terminal... orange to o but if unit heats instead of cools or vice versa put orange on b...aux heat comes on while heat pump is running if it cannot heat the house without help and emergency heat turns outside unit off and just runs your electric heat....you do not need to put the jumper between e and aux...Honeywell Thermostat with a Goodman Air Conditioner / Heat Pump How Do I Hook it Up????put the jumper in. you will need it.Otherwise your aux heat will not turn on when you increase temp above 2 degrees above room temp. Also when it gets very cold out the aux heat will be needed to help heat the house, and it needs to be able to cycle on it's own. If you do not install the jumper then you will not have any aux heat. The only way then to energize the strip heat is by setting the t-stat to emergency heat, and what happens if your not home and the temps drop, you will need the jumper, but otherwise the above answer is OK. The emergency heat relay and the aux heat relay are the same one, it's just a matter of how many kw turn on at what point .

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