Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How do i know if it is time to "Change" a Thermostat?

I mean, if i can see the Coolant level %26quot;Go Down%26quot; when the Fan comes on then i know its working, also if i DO have Heat, right? Is this an either %26quot;The Thermostat Works or the Thermostat does not work%26quot; Item?How do i know if it is time to %26quot;Change%26quot; a Thermostat?Correct. You can also put the thermostat in boiling water, if it opens, it's working. If it doesn't, it's NOT working. Water boils at a temperature higher than most thermostats, so if it stays closed, it's toast ...How do i know if it is time to %26quot;Change%26quot; a Thermostat?Yeah for the most part the thermostat either opens or it doesn't. When it doesn't you'll overheat ... You could just change it out because of mileage... It's definitely a part you don't want to go bad.... And doesn't get replaced often unless it just goes bad...

Kind of like your transmission filter.... I bet it's never been changed... Ever! right?

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