Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How can I switch from a manual thermostat to a programmable one?

I recently bought a programmable thermostat to replace my manual one, but the manual included didn't help. Calling for services would be my last resort, so please don't say %26quot;call the handyman.%26quot;How can I switch from a manual thermostat to a programmable one?basically see where the wires are on the old one.

i have a basic setup and my wires are:

R= red (hot 24 volts)

W= White (heating)

G= green or blue (blower)

Y= yellow (ac)

you could also go to the furnace unit and double check the wire designations at the control of the furnace. and that should put you on the right pathHow can I switch from a manual thermostat to a programmable one?There should only be a couple of wires to worry about.

Have you removed the manual one from the wall and looked at the wires attached to it (without disconnecting them)?

That should be your first step, after reading the instructions.

Make notes about how the wires connect now, so that you can reinstall the old thermostat if you can't get the new one working.

Then look back at the instructions and see if it all fits together better.

There should be the same number of wires in your wall as you have places to attach wires to the new thermostat.

Disconnect the old thermostat.

Hook the new one up. Be sure you have good connections on your wires.

Put in a battery if there isn't one in it yet

Set the temperature higher than the temperature of the air in the house

Go to your furnace and see if it came on.

Things may well make sense as you go thru this.

Assume you're going to succeed, not fail. (Very important!)

If it doesn't work, look at your connections and the booklet. Go to the internet and search on the thermostat brand/model you have to see if there are better instructions online.

Keep trying.

But don't lose the ability ot switch back to the old one.

Good luckHow can I switch from a manual thermostat to a programmable one?Hello Jon:

Step one: Turn off the furnace at the switch or at the circuit breaker. The thermostat runs off of 24 volts. If you cross the wrong wires, you could burn out the transformer. It only takes 1/120th of a second to do.

Step two: Remove the front cover(s) from your existing thermostat. The wires should be attached to screws with letters or numbers. Write down which colored wire goes to which screw. Do this before you remove the wires. Most common configuration (but not 100% of the time) R-red (power), Y-yellow (cooling), G-green (fan), C-blue (common), W-white (heat), O-orange(heat pump only). Depending on your system, you may have other wires like brown or black. These run accessories or sensors.

Step three: Remove the wires from the screws and then remove the old thermostat.

Step four: If you have lots of wire, cut back the current wire to the plastic insulation, then strip off 1/2 inch (2cm) of insulation. If you don't have any wire to spare, carefully inspect the old wire and clean up any corrosion, and cut away any damaged metal. Make sure there are no breaks in the wire.

Step four: Thread the wire bundle through the new base-plate of the new thermostat. Install the new base-plate ensuring that it is right-side-up. It will be mercury-free, so it does not have to be 100% level, but a level stat looks better.

Step five: Using the old guide, attach each wire carefully to the new baseplate. Use a bright light afterward to examine the connections and make sure that no wires touch each other.

Step six: Place the cover on the thermostat and turn on the furnace again. Set the temperature higher than the room temperature (at least five degrees higher). Walk to your furnace and check to see if it is operating. It may have a five minute delay. Some thermostats have a test mode, check your instructions.

Step seven: If the furnace operates, you can now program the thermostat using the instructions provided. If the furnace does not come on within 10 minutes, you will need to trouble-shoot the stat. Since you are asking how do hook it up, this may be out of your skill set.
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