Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How much will it cost to replace a car thermostat?

My car has been overheating lately. I mean, the needle has been going over the line, into the red spot by the H. Any idea on how much a new thermostat would cost for a 97 Chevy Cavalier?How much will it cost to replace a car thermostat?this is something you can do yourself. less than 25 bucks.

follow the top radiator hose to the thermostat housing. remove two bolts and lift housing. remove old therm. noting how it sits in there. clean mounting surfaces on block and housing being careful not to let debris fall into hole. stuff a shop towel in there to keep trash out. remove towel dry surfaces. put new therm. in. apply small amount of gasket sealer to block, put gasket on apply sealer to other side of gasket. put housing on and replace bolts. cost of thermostat, gasket sealer, and gasket 20-25 dollars. or you can take it to a shop and pay between 50 and 75. if you want to try it yourself e-mail me and i'll send you free instructions from a manual. rgirg@yahoo.comHow much will it cost to replace a car thermostat?about $10 if you replace it yourselfHow much will it cost to replace a car thermostat?Under $100, installed. You can buy the parts to do it yourself for ~$15.How much will it cost to replace a car thermostat?this usually runs around 45-60 bucks if you have it done,you can do it your self for about 20 bucks counting a new gallon of anti freeze ,but it may not be the thermostat causing that too happen it can also be a weak water pump or a clogged radiator,there's many other things that will cause this too happen also,but changing the thermostat wont hurt it none,good luck with it.How much will it cost to replace a car thermostat?I agree with the two folks that gave you answers already. Check for several other things beside the thermostat. Check for condition of the hoses. Is the radiator completely full. Check for collapsed hoses. Check to make sure the fan is coming on when it gets that hot. Don't let it stay hot, turn on the heater fan to help dissipate some of the heat.How much will it cost to replace a car thermostat?to check the thermostat without being able to see it

take off the radiator cap, start the car, keep looking at the fluid in the radiator, it will be standing still, after about 5 minutes the water should then be circulating, if it's doing that then it's not the thermostat but something else. if it's not doing that then it probably is the thermostat.

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