Monday, September 19, 2011

How do I override the thermostat?

My landlord doesn't give enough heat so I'd like to override the thermostat. Any ideas?How do I override the thermostat?Do you have the thermostat in your part of the building? Introduce it to some cold. Put a fan on it or even ice cubes.

Many people accidentally do the opposite of this, even me! Cold house with the thermostat turned up? I had moved a lamp directly underneath the thermostat. The lamp heated the thermostat so it got a false reading and wouldn't turn the furnace on.

If you don't have access to the thermostat and wanted to do this somewhere in the wires or at the furnace, you would need to know enough not to have needed to ask this question. With computer boards inside modern furnaces, a crossed wire can mean a $300 repair. Don't touch unless you're an electronics tech that can read a circuit diagram and figure out what would need to be done safely.

A plug-in space heater would be your next best bet. I favor the oil filled ones that look like old fashioned radiators for even heating. Don't turn it on and off. Leave it on all the time at a low setting.How do I override the thermostat?I use a little portable heater.How do I override the thermostat?Are you trying to burn down the place. Not recommended.If there is a fire and you have tampered with it, you can be liable. Not safe, not smart, illegal, immoral, deceptive. Bundle up or move.How do I override the thermostat?by most state laws it has to give you 70 degrees in your apartment...if its not, contact neighborhood legal services, they can help,and its free....

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